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Hub Camp#27 pranešėjos pasidalins savo patirtimi kaip nebijoti IT

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Gruodžio 19 d. kviečiame į 27tą Hub Campą. Kaip visada nuo 16 val. Swedbank salėje (Konstitucijos pr. 20A).

Šis Hub Campas skirtas merginoms, kurios renkasi technologijas ir technologijomis paremtus verslus. Visos jos jaunos profesionalės, krūybininkės ir startuolės. Ateik tikrai turėtų būti smagu ir įdomu. O čia nuotraukos iš 26to Hub Campo mūsų FB sienoje ir video youtubėje (viso 3 dalys). O čia italės įspūdžiai.

Hub Camp #27 pranešėjos (bus papildyta):

Sharing Ideas, Passion & Fun -Make it Epic!

The topic of this Hub Camp is Girls&Ladies in Tech and how to have more of them launching startups and going into coding.

Presenters (all presentations in English):

1. Ramune Tumasonyte – head of marketing at startup tokia.lt and co-founder of industry-files.com and cofounder at VC backed startup Tokia.lt – will share a few career tips and will introduce the initiative „Women in Tech Lithuania“

2. Alina Bezuglova, CEO and founder of Pitchswag – an online incubator for startups, „Behind every successful woman is herself“. www.pitchswag.com

3. Simona Vasytė, cofounder of Outlander Studios, Product Owner at Vinted: „Why the boys should have all of the fun?“

4. Loreta Pivoriunaite is a training consultant by heart, lawyer by education, writer and contributor by choice. Her presentation: „Hey, Ladies, watch out: to soft to tech- one step ahead“

Loreta is a co-founder of online based platform for woman – Girls rock Startups on Facebook, a co-driver of Fun –Do initiative of the series of public speaking and pitching for woman (www.fun-do.weebly.com).

5. Ruta Danyte is a growth hacker and neuro-linguistic programming trainer. Her topic: „Rethink Education“

She works with edtech startups and social enterprises to make impact on our communities. www.about.me/rutadanyte

6. Vija Valentukonytė is an award-winning Communications professional and trainer, who has been working in IT industry for more than 5 years.

Her topic is „Busting the myths about opportunities for women in a large IT enterprise“

Dalyvių registracija: http://bit.ly/YCv6O1

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