LET'S TALK CAREER: How do you get from singing to designing clothing?

We have introduced Erica as one of the females to admire a while ago. The lady seems to be successfully moving towards a new career path or at least a lovely detour - designing a brand new clothing line is some work! You might & should take a look at the visuals of the newest collection she has created in collaboration with Happeak in post by Agne.

Erica was generous to share a little bit of personal experience related to the creative process.

All for you, ladies!

Did you ever dream about your own collection of family clothing?

When I was a kid - from around aged 7 - I would stage theatre in my attic. I made all the costumes from everyone's clothes and shoes, I made all the scenography from bed sheets and so on and I would put on plays for my family and the neighborhood with my friends. I won a national writing competition when I was 10. By then I was studying ballet and modern dance, vocal training and I dreamt about one day being a singer on stage, making my own clothes, writing books and staging my own plays! (Seems to me, only staging a play is left yet undone on Erica's list)

Is this something you can not find in stores yourself? How does it differ from casual fashion in other shops this season?

I don't follow fashion. There is, I believe a difference between what is fashionable and what is stylish. You can wear all the trends you want and still not carry it off if you don't really feel it. That's why it's so apparent when someone has been "styled" by someone else and when someone has style itself. I wrote a song about it!

But all my creative journeys have happened organically - music, books or clothes. I wrote my bi-lingual children's book because I couldn't find any. The clothes in this collection are inspired by my need, as a young working mother to throw on an outfit quickly and feel perfect - without needing to fix it or worry that something's not in place:)

That's why the smart casual pieces are sport/lounge inspired, warm for winter but still possible to drop the children to school in and then attend meetings - all why looking good and feeling great. That's why I called it the "school run" collection;) I think all young working parents will understand exactly what I mean.

Erica Jennings working on clothing design ideas, personal picture album

Where did you get inspiration for colours?

My own wardrobe and my husbands wardrobe. All the colors in my collection I wear regularly and have worn for many years. But also in the material shops I would see a roll of something and just know on the spot what to make from it:) I most definitely did not go online and check what are this winters "trending colours":))) I don't find anything inspiring, creative or authentic about that.

Which was the easiest: women, kids or men clothing ideas?

Put it this way. Men's clothes were the biggest challenge because I have the least experience with them - obviously:) but I did have an excellent advisor in form of my patient husband who tried on various versions of the same piece many times and offered his opinion and advice. Large pockets and plenty of space around the groin is of the upmost importance.

Backstage of the latest collection photoshoot, personal picture album

I guess, the dreams you catch yourself role playing at the age of 7 is the training of some kind.

And, I guess again, that's why it's important to get yourself one of those idea books early on after all. I wish Erica would design one of those... Or maybe you will?

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