Fashion Injection '14 finalists

Fashion Injection will take place the upcoming Wednesday, 10th December @ National Art Gallery Vilnius. These are the talents we are expecting to meet.

Monika Pranckaitytė - Lithuania

Monika Pranckaitytė

The graduate of VIA TEKO in Design and Business will present her collection named "F8". It has a focus on graphic symbols and the personality is born out of it. The idea is to present the body that is willing to experiment with itself, primarily using plastic surgery.

Inga Liutkienė + Lina Audzevičiūtė - Lithuania

Inga Liutkienė and Lina Audzevičiūtė

Both designers have a previous experience participating in numerous Lithuanian and international fashion contests and fairs. The girls will tell a story consisting of 10 episodes and unique characters. Each piece will present a separate page in the story.

Rimantė Juozilaitytė - Lithuania

Rimantė Juozilaitytė

Rimante has chosen the laundress as the character for the collection. "It is forbidden to do the laundry" is focused on the female dresses that have their own lives yet they transform together with their owners overtime.

Virginija Valeišaitė - Lithuania

Virginija Valeišaitė

Collection "All is one" is inspired by dualism. Virginija will present the spiritual and material benefit as elements that have an impact on each other.

Melita Rus - Lithuania

Melita Rus

A former participant in 11 fashion events both - Lithuania and abroad. The owner of fashion brand Mellow. Collection "Messages to Anonymous" will focus on the topic of communication and how it is transforming nowadays. Each model will have an association to the specific stage of communication development.

Inga Galinytė - Lithuania

Inga Galinytė

Collection "Le Soleil|" will illustrate the character who is moving towards the spiritual transformation by cleaning himself and his surroundings. Purification and the lack of place.

Rufina A. Lagutina - Russia

Rufina A. Lagutina

Rufina has previous experience of participating in 10 exhibitions and contests. Collection "Leg Godt!"("Play nice") will showcase the brave girl who is creating mood and events around herself. She is the owner of her future.

Jurgita Žaromskytė - Lithuania

Jurgita Žaromskytė

Jurgita is the finalist of the Fashion Injection for the second time in a row. This year her collection "AK - 47" will illustrate the hero. Hero being the person who does not need any super powers or magic coats.

Anja Yelizaryeva - Estonia

Anja Yelizaryeva

Collection "Wanna play?" is dedicated to men. Anja tries to pay attention to the privacy of today and the consequences of the observation culture we live in.

Lina Elmentaitė - Lithuania

Lina Elmentaitė

Lina's collection Ambient Reflection seeks to inspire the thought about the fast changing world around us. Globalisation, cosmopolitism, fast fashion. And the loss of connection to ourselves.

Daria Babaeva & Marina Butenko - Russia

Daria Babaeva & Marina Butenko

Both designers have previous contest experience - Daria has participated in 3 fashion contests when Marina took part in 8 of those. The point of the inspiration for their collection - 7 deadly vices. Their performance will create a new human character - with their own sins, jokes and unique attributes.

Janina Zibireva

Having participated in 11 fashion and design contests around the globe, Janina will present a social project DECODED. The collection will try to convince you that everyone of us is unique and beautiful.

Liucija Kvašytė - Lithuania

Liucija Kvašytė

Jing Jing Qi & Robin Rau - Germany

Jing Jing Qi & Robin Rau

Inga Skripka - Lithuania

Inga Skripka

Collection theme - antipodes. The human figures standing in different parts of the world. We will see two colours - black & white - as symbols of two people.

More information about the upcoming show here.

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