Rund for Dinner or a new kind of networking

Running Dinner Vilnius in September, @ rtumasonyte

This is a picture of the last Running Dinner Vilnius which took place in September. You see 14 people I have met for the first time that evening - we have enjoyed home-made meals and developed friendly relationship in a little less than 2 hours. The fun continues up until now, so I could not skip the opportunity to invite you guys to join the Christmas Running Dinner Vilnius event! Last event was my third and had a total of 200 awesome open-minded people! It is a great way to network, talk about all the delicious food, thought!

A running dinner is a fun and quite entertaining way to get to know new people and their kitchen as well as enjoying a delicious meal together. The meal is composed of 3 courses and will take place all over the city – that means you will have each course at a different host’s place. The concept is well known internationally.

And here is what you need: a partner (you will have to form a team of two chefs) and a kitchen in Vilnius. You and your teammate register until 10.12.2014 the latest, thereby obligating yourselves to provide one course for four people and yourselves (total of 6-person meal). For the other two courses your team will be invited to two different locations in Vilnius. The pairing of guests and host is coincidental; every round the groups will be reshuffled so you would meet more new people.

You’ll be informed via email which course you’ll be having in which place a few days beforehand. The organisers will send you an email with further instructions a few days before the dinner takes place. The email will contain the exact timetable and addresses for all courses.

The events usually last from 4 pm up until 9 pm, when all of the participants gather together in the after party. This time the organisers are preparing some kind of festive surprise, but the party will be there for sure - you are welcome to offer ideas for the best place.

You may register for the event alone or with a partner until this Wednesday, 10th December. Join the event on Facebook

See the pictures from last events, those do speak for themselves!

Running Dinner Vilnius

p.s. there are so many creative selfies because each event has a picture contests in different categories!

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