Shifting careers - the story of SMILGA BEAUTY LAB

Photo: Konstantin Samarin Model: Sandra ( Baltic Model Management ) Hair: Robeen SnapBack Make up: Smilga Make Up Style: Atene Malinauskaite

Every once in a while I meet an ambitious lady (yes, lately during Women In Tech Lithuania breakfast – join if you haven’t!) who’s willing to shift the focus of her career. Smilga used to be a marketer with a secret passion for beauty routines. The latter took over a few years ago and last August the team of make up artists, hairdressers & stylists was opened in the heart of Vilnius under the name of Smilga Beauty Lab.

Indre Sinkeviciute aka Smilga, Monika Dovidaite Photography

What’s your profession? Make Up Artist, ex-marketer.

What is it that you do daily? Most of my day is communication with the clients, answering phone calls and emails. Later in the day I teach make up classes, work during photoshoots and video production of TV shows.

What is your mission in life? I believe the world is build up in a way when you must give in order to receive. My primary focus is to create positive experiences for my clients when they look at the mirror. So one may describe my mission as highlighting the natural beauty for each person. And as for my team – making their job as enjoyable as possible!

When did you first meet makeup? During the childhood I would enjoy the possibility to go examine every beauty product in the house – I was amazed by make up. I was very good at drawing lessons ar school. My drawing teacher would even allow me to create things of my own imagination rather than sticking to the tasks in the yearly course.

Monika Dovidaite Photography

What is your point of inspiration? Movies, magazines, trips, coffee break in the old town. Sometimes I see a really unique porcelain cup in the cafe nearby and use the ornaments in my next beauty look. Inspiration is everywhere.

Why SMILGA BEAUTY LAB? How did you get the idea? I have an established name already – I did not want to present my works under another one & create any confusion. I was Smilga since I was very little, it’s an easy to remember Lithuanian word. We have grown very fast so I needed the name that would unite all of it & would be international. Smilga Beauty Lab turned out to be very meaningful as well, since we actually create recipes for beauty.

Monika Dovidaite Photography

Who has helped you in the process? I believe everyone I have ever met has made an impact. Our team is awesome, I could not do it without them. To be very honest, I have created the Lab during the most challenging time in my life – I remember having only 100 Euros in my wallet at the time. At the exact time one of my friends have offered me to teach a make up class – I will be forever grateful for the opportunity!

How much time did it take from the idea to the opening? I can not tell the exact length, because it was such a natural development for me. I have started doing make up as a hobby and I got hungry for more along the way.

What is your wish for this project? My biggest wish is to make our clients and my team happy.

What are the next step – what are you focusing on right now? Innovative services – I have had a couple of ideas in my mind for a while. Also, focusing on a global market is one of the challenges – we need to show that Lithuanians are organised and creative.

What kind of lesson have you learned so far? Be honest with yourself and others. Don’t look around, know what you want. There will always be someone who is jealous, but enjoy your sun and let others enjoy theirs.

How many people are there in your team? We have a total of 18 people today. We don’t work all together at the same time. During the make up courses, we share different classes by covering the topics we are each a top specialist at. I want everyone to do the part of the work that they know best. That is the only way for everyone to be successful and satisfied.

Smilga has two male artists in the team – that is impressive having in mind how few of them are in the industry and how good male artists are told to be!

Robeen Snapback, hair stylist

Robertas (Robeen Snapback) – hairstylist at Smilga Beauty Lab. “Feminos bonos” Hair inspiration show participant, has worked with numerous Lithuanian photographers (Tomas Kauneckas, Ingrida Žeimytė, Twodicks clan, Visvaldas Morkevičius, Konstantin Samarin (Moscow), Darius Gražys, Greta Bernotaitė,ect.) and designers (Giedrius Paulauskas, Ieva Užkuraitė, Dovilė Čibulskaitė, Ana Romanova, ect.) His work has been published in both Lithuanian (L’officiel, IEVA, Infashion, Swo magazine) and international press (, ).


Thom Bara, costume designer

Thom Bara – professional costume designer at Smilga Beauty Lab is also a fashion editor of,co-ordinator of Lithuanian fashion blog & manager of international fashion festival IKRA MADA(read our previous overview of the recent event here). He had an internship at Asger Juel Larsen Fashion House (Copenhagen, Denmark), has worked with the biggest Lithuanian Model agencies, shopping mall Europa, the biggest clothing retailer in Baltics APB Apranga Group, fashion stores Aprangos Galerija, IMITZ, ALDO, fashion house Cantas, UAB Lelija, L’Officiel Mada magazine. For the last 4 years he had been collaborating with fashion festival “Mados Infekcija”(read about the latest events here & here).

What would be your message to the females who want to pursue their hobby? Everything depends on you – if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. And nobody else can tell you what makes you happy. A lot of work will bring the results. Always.

Whats your credo? Never regret doing something. Everything happens for a reason. And, of course, learn from other’s mistakes.

Photo: Konstantin Samarin Model: Elma Selma Style: Ernesta Jorudė Make up, hair: Smilga

Do you have any favourite artists? I have been learning from quite a few international beauty specialists, my favourite so far is Natalija Naida. Her ability to explain make up techniques in detail dominates above all else and inspires me to keep up with the quality of what I do.

Tell us a bit about your greatest trip! The most amazing time I have had was during my recent trip to United Arab Emirates. I was traveling all alone, that’s what made it so special. I work with a lot of people daily, it is healthy to spend some time alone to collect all the energy.

What do you do on Sundays, is it the freeday for you? I have a lot less Sundays than any other person! If I am lucky enough to have a free-off-duty day, I enjoying waking up without the alarm and do nothing for a while. I also enjoy going to a SPA or watch a good movie.

You have recently launched e-store for online makeup courses – how did you get the idea/notice the need? I have had the idea for very long – a lot of lithuanians live abroad and don’t want to get their beauty training there due to high prices. And they could not stay in Lithuanian for a few months – that’s how long one make up course would usually last. I came up with the idea that they could go through the professional make up course online and come to have their first lesson and the final exam here.

Hopefully this story will set an example for your own career & there is nothing left to say but the:

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